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Love my Van logo 12/5/2016 Rob

I have a 2015 Grand Caravan SXT with the navigation. I love the look of the outside and inside of the Dodge over that of the Toyota or Honda. I like how my car rides and handles. I love the Dash and console, love both glove compartments upper glove compartment has a USB port inside. I love the folding middle seats. I love the navigation, it is very simple. I love the Bluetooth, it is also very simple to use. My sister has a 2016 Honda CRV and her car phone sucks and always calls the wrong person and her navigation is very confusing. I love the hard drive that can save your favorite songs. I love how I can program my favorite songs or musical groups and if a song comes on one of the other stations it lets me know. I love how easy it is for a 6 foot 1 man to get into and out of the van. I have to duck to get into most cars, my sisters Tahoe, CRV, 4 Runner or my aunts Honda Odyssey. My van has power sliding doors and tailgate, driver, passenger and back heating and air conditioning controls. The dash is laid out really nice and I love the full console, just wish it had a big arm rest. Over all the van is very quiet and very little road noise. Ok, what I don't like. The air conditioning needs to be colder and it needs a sync so I don't have to turn each temp control, the seats could be a little big bigger for large people, they are comfortable for me, but I do wish they were bigger and I hate the little arm rest, they need to put a big arm rest on the console like the new Kia. The very back seat is un-comfortable and I wish you could adjust the seat for and aft and the seat back, it is very straight and needs to have adjustments. Also all the info is in one small gauge in the dash so to see how much gas is left or the mileage or any of the other functions you have to change it. No power seats and no blind sport monitoring or back up sensors, to get the safety equipment you had to get the RT model (my car does have a back up camera, you get that with the navigation) and I did not want leather. One last gripe, in a new car why no auto headlights? I had a hard time learning to make sure I turn on and off my headlights, funny but the day time headlights are bright so you can very easily drive with no headlights. Last of all MPG is not the best, but my aunts Honda Odyssey is not great either. My car has a 10 year warranty and 8 year bumper to bumper, plus tracking if my car is stolen. I paid 29,000 out the door for my van and you can not get a Honda or Toyota any were near that price with power doors or tailgate. The transmission does shift a lot, but besides that I like the power of the car. For the price I paid I feel like a got a real nice van. Is the dodge as nice as the Honda or Toyota, for the most part yes, their seats are nicer and they do ride quieter, but they can not match the versatility of the Dodge. This is the first time I have every bought a Dodge, I have always bought new Toyota's, my last car was an 1998 Avalon that I have for 17 years, but I think the Toyotas are ugly today, same with the Hondas. Last of all I bought a van and I have no kids. I love how my van can carry anything I want and it's not a truck. Don't skip looking at minivans just because of what people think. Minivans are far more particle than a SUV or car. Do your self a favor and test drive one. They ride like a car and can carry 7 people in comfort, for the most part plus with the seats down you can go shopping and bring home almost anything a truck can.

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