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Love the Convertible. Dislike the Manufacturer logo 6/17/2016 Ranch Dude

LOVE this car. Purchased used with 7,000 miles and remainder of the warranty. The car seems well-built, is a blast to drive, and I live in NorCal so the top is down nearly every day, even in cold weather (great seat heat/ventilation). Comfortable seats but I'm under 6'. Controls are so easy to use. It has knobs! Don't even need to take my eyes off the wheel to manage climate or stereo. The way the vents are routed means that unless the a/c is on, there will always be hot air blowing through the vents. But the a/c is dang cold. It's noisy, but replacing the OEM tires helped a lot. Plenty of cargo space for two adults for a long weekend. The big concern is only on the manual transmission version: repeated failure of the Concentric Slave Cylinder. It's a badly designed part, and will always fail. Nissan's replacement process under warranty is a pain and caused me to be stranded an additional time. The part has not been redesigned so as I approach the end of warranty I have to wonder if I'll keep it. The tranny has to be dropped to replace the part, ($$$!) and there is a better-built after-market solution. Check the Z and Infinity G owners forums for more detail. But even with that, this car makes me smile: Every. Single. Day.

Average Rating : 4


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