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Love the Drive-E T6 logo 7/10/2016 Russ

I just leased a new XC 60 AWD with the new Drive-E T6 engine with the turbo and supercharger with the 8 speed transmission. Am coming from a 2009 X3 3.0si with stick shift. This is the first automatic transmission I have owned in years and I am REALLY impressed with the engine/transmission combination. Drove 200 miles on 2 lane roads the last couple of days and did lots of passing. Shift into sport mode and stomp on it and the acceleration is instant. No hunting for gears at all and in sport mode the transmission really holds a gear. Even in regular mode I've been impressed with the transmission. Well worth the extra couple of grand for the Drive-E T6 engine. Ride quality is very nice, better than the BMW. Handling isn't quite as good as the X3 but is fine for the kind of driving I usually do. I'm very happy with my choice, having looked at the X3 and Q5 too. Much better value for the money than the X3 and wanted the extra room of the XC60 compared to the Q5.

Average Rating : 4


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