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Love the hummer logo 8/5/2015 jdicataldo

I owned a hummer h3 2006 for over 6 years. I drove over 150k miles on it. When I reached the 100k I took it to the mechanic asking to check it for any maintenance since the mileage of the car and basically just replaced the spark plugs. Nothing else. I change my first set of pads (brake pads, no rotors} on 110k miles on the front wheels, and on 130k miles on the rear wheels. Just had to believe but true. Sold it on 2013 with over 170k miles and running perfect. I missed it so much that I just bought my second h3 a month ago same year with just over 100k miles. Took it to the dealer to do whatever needed to have the peace of mind and runs incredible smooth (even better that my last one since I put four new Michelin on this one). Super smooth ride and very happy with it. I m just buying all the option that I used to have on my first one. I recommend this suv to anyone. The look is great, the comfort, the driving position, everything. Some complaint for poor visibility but with big rear mirrors as it has and back up camera that I added I feel very confident parking or anything. Not very powerful acceleration but small engine gives you better MPG so something has to give up. Anyway is enough power for everyday needs.

Average Rating : 5


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