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Love this 200 Limited! logo 9/6/2015 Steven Wikoff

I have only just started driving this car as I just bought it this week, but I am in love with this car! It has everything I want and need At a very reasonable price point. I have owned many cars over the past 25 years, and they all have had their good points, but this 200 has it all in spades! There really isn't much to get excited about in the midsize sedan market, but the 200 maybe the game changer. I have been a loyal Nissan customer for 20 years. Overall I have found their vehicles to be reliable, attractive and a very good price-to-performance value. Most recently I owned a 2013 Nissan Murano and liked the car, but the mileage was terrible. I went for the bigger smoother V6 with AWD, but the gas was killing me and really much more room than I needed as primarily I used it as a commuter. So, after my car was totaled in a freak accident (nobody hurt but the car), I unexpectedly came on to the new car market. I knew I needed to downsize a bit, but I did not want a compact car, as they are just too small for my 6 foot frame. I am a little spoiled and want and expect all the bells and whistles, yet I had to have good gas mileage as I have a long commute everyday. I rented a 2015 Nissan Altima, and was fairly satisfied with it, not excited, but it felt solid, so I was going to go ahead and get it. Then I heard about the Chrysler 200. We had one of the first 300's on the market in 2005 and loved-it, but had to sell it for a mini-van for the kids. So having had a very good experience with Chrysler in the past, I decided to check out the new 200 before I bought the Altima. Am I glad I waited! The 200 blew away the Altima in every way! The body style was modern, Euro-classy, yet sporty. The interior appointments made the Nissan look cheap and even bad in comparison. When I compared the 200 Limited to the Altima S, it was a no- brainier. I would have to go up to the SV In an Altima and pay fairly more to get the same in the 200 Limited for much less cash. The only area I believe the Altima was better was the 4-cylinder engine was a bit more peppy, but not by much, and the engine noise was noticeably worse in the Nissan. The Chrysler is so much more refined and the interior fits like a glove. Chrysler was also offering fantastic incentives that made the purchase extremely attractive financially. Mileage is great, the center console system is attractive and very easy to use. It maybe the perfect commuter car ever! If you are thinking about an Altima, Accord, or Camry, do check this car out first as you may find, like I did, that it really can't be beat, and even is exciting!

Average Rating : 5


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