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Love this Caddy! logo 8/8/2015 CaddyLove

I've owned my 2011 SRX Luxury since May 2011. Regretfully, I will be selling it soon. I have loved this crossover and have never had any issues. Aside from a few minor recalls, this vehicle has been virtually maintenance-free! I have to admit that after 4.5 years I have racked up a meager 33,000 miles (mostly city driving), but have had the opportunity to take it for a couple of long road trips. Except for sluggish acceleration, it drives like a dream. I have the pop-up Nav screen and the sound system is awesome! The interior is beautiful and the ambient lighting (at night) is a nice touch. The seats are comfortable and the ride is very smooth.My major complaint is the lack of room in the back seats. We have a massive car seat for my son, which only works in the middle of the backseat. With another on the way, it has come time to get a larger vehicle. If it weren't for needing more room, I'd drive this until the wheels fell off, which I'm sure would be a very long time from now at the rate we're going!One thing I think could be improved is the vents...I live in Houston, Texas and the summers here are brutal. I'm sure it didn't help that I picked a black SRX with charcoal interior...but the A/C system was a little too slow to cool the vehicle some days. I ended up using the Onstar remote start feature a lot to get the car going and cooled off early.All in all, I would definitely recommend this Caddy and I would consider buying one again (once the kids are older and in smaller booster seats)!

Average Rating : 5


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