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Love this car - 50% Tesla for 25% of the price is a great deal logo 6/29/2015 mrmichaelwill

I bought this car January 2015 assuming it is going to be our secondary car. Turns out its so much fun to drive that its used as our primary car, and we use the Honday Oddysee only when we need the extended range going on vacation, need more than 5 seats or transport bikes, or when second adult commutes to near by train station.At the rate it is going we are putting about 12k miles per year on the car, so I am glad I did not lease it.

Favorite Feature : Acceleration: Lots better from 0 to 40 than the 10 seconds for 0 to 60 suggest, always leave gas cars behind at lightAll electric: charging with siemens L2 charger in garage from solar energy gives a feeling of freedom without guiltRange: Official range of 83 miles (EPA) definitely too conservative, we get about 4-5 miles per kWh, 4 if driving sporty and economic, 5 if only driving economic. We have driven 100 miles on a single charge.bluetooth: connects to iPhone right away and plays where it left off when I enter the carsteering wheel controls: skip song, volume, accept call, ...iphone app: car-net allows to see charging level, efficiency of driving etcGolf: 5 seats, trunk..

Suggested Improvement : car-net iPhone app could definitely use some love, slow and unresponsive feeling, still incredibly useful when patient, but not using remote AC start as much as I would with better app.memorizing last state of AC settings instead of always reverting on power on to standard settings would be goodSuspension/Seats are not ideal, feels a bit bumpy as a front seat side passenger compared to say my old gas jetta. Seats don't feel ideal for long legs. But I love that I can quickly move seat from all the way to front (wife setting) to all the way back because its mechanical and not electric - one annoyance on Oddysee takes forever.

Average Rating : 4.625


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