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LOVE this car nice transition from Vibe logo 4/29/2016 Tara McNutt

I went from driving a 2003 ponitac vibe with 300,000+ miles on it and I would still be driving it if someone was paying attention and didn't slam into the backend. I absolutely LOVED my vibe and searched everywhere for another one, but ultimately decided to go for something newer that would last. Going from the Vibe to the Fit was a very easy transition it has a lot of the same features plus some added bonuses! The right blind spot camera on the right mirror is so helpful when switiching lanes and when I'm not sure if a car is close to me or not. The seats folding up are nice for taller objects ( something my vibe didn't do ) but I wish that they would fold Completely flat with a hard back just like my vibe. I will have to put down something over top of the seats when they are almost flat when I want to haul something.

Average Rating : 5


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