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Love this car! logo 5/10/2015 sparetire4

why would a corporation build such a beautiful, well performing machine and equip it with such cheap tires. after 12k km I could not hear the radio anymore, the tires were so noisy. I am 68 years old and drive like a 68 years old should, carefully and at the speed limit. not even a year and I have to spend a fortune on new tires! don't give me the high performance BS because michelins will last longer. so why not put those on at the factory? cheap, cheapUp-date (a year later)Thanks to the dealer's (Mark Motors of Ottawa) goodwill, I was given a deal, 4 for the price of 3 wholesale, Michelin and I have been happy ever since. No help from Audi corp however (just a few ''so sorry'' emails). BUT, still absolutely love that TT!Working on my third set of tires @ 50,000kilometres. Got a good deal again from dealer: Yokohamas all season. supposed to last longer.

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