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Love this car! logo 6/1/2015 twangstar

My wife purchased a 2015 Mustang GT manual with the performance package bone stock, and let me tell you, there is nothing "base" about this car. I have a 2014 Mustang GT Premium and her base model 2015 is way nicer inside.The performance package has the beefier suspension, 3.73 gearing, 6 piston Brembos, and the ride is phenomenal. It feels more planted to the ground than my 2014. The bumps in the road are less jarring and the tail doesn't dance like mine. I didn't like the look of the 2015 at first but the minute she pulled up to the house, I fell out of love with my 2014. It truly is a car you have to see in person.You can tell Ford has put a ton of thought into this car.

Favorite Feature : Everything about this car! The clutch is very easy for such a powerful car. The shifter is spot on. Shifting between gears is a breeze. Try driving the new Corvette and then driving this. I GUARANTEE you will find the new GT more enjoyable.The engine is music to the ears. I can't stop raving about this car. The Brembos provide unparalleled stopping power. Everything about this car from the inside to the outside looks and feels premium. This base GT is more premium than my 2014 GT premium.The seats hold you well and are extremely comfortable.The fastback look is spot on and so are the tail lights.Did I mention how fast it is? This baby is fast, refined, and owns the road.

Suggested Improvement : The rear seats are more cramped in the 2015. I'm 5'7 and my hair was touching the glass when I sat in the back; but then again, who gets a Mustang to use the rear seats. The stock exhaust note is definitely more quiet in the 2015 than my 2014. It still sounds mean, but more refined. My 2014 sounds mean, throatier, and raw. Wifey has already ordered her Roush axle backs so that should be resolved soon.

Average Rating : 5


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