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Love this car. logo 6/23/2015 l0vedriving

This car was passed down to us from my grandparents, then to my parents, now us. It was originally purchased as a grocery/errands car and now is our everyday driver. This car is fantastic. Never had any major problems. Just one, our sunroof wind deflector came loose and we had that fixed by the dealer. We purchased a brand new 2012 Mazda Cx-7 with similar options minus leather and this car blows it out of the water. More power, better gas MPG, seat warmers are warmer. My daughter has much more room and it has much better trunk space. The Mazda has been nothing but issues since 30k miles. We are at 93k on the Hyundai with NO problems. Buy Hyundai it is totally worth it!

Favorite Feature : Reliability. Leather. Heated seats. Trunk space. Roof rack. Sunroof is bigger than the Cx-7. Loading this car is much easier than our Cx-7, the Cx-7 is awkward for bigger objects. Build quality for interior is 4 stars! Hyundai is much better than I ever imagined. Love the car as a whole. Will probably stick to Hyundai for our SUV choices and Volvo for our car choices until I retire. Also get the rubber mats that are made for this car, saves the carpet from getting muddy from days at the park, ball field etc. Car has seen trips to my grandparents mountain home, and the family beach house. Great road trip car, COMFORT and Gas MPG for an SUV. Also, adjustable headrest that move forward!

Suggested Improvement : Our Remote keyless is starting to age, sadly because the car has seen so much use. We will have to replace both soon. Also, the front grille chipped very oddly revealing chrome. I was happy to see that there was chrome underneath so I took the paint off all of it to find that now we have a beautiful chrome grille that looks even better than when the Sport Ute was new! Hyundai is like wine the older the company gets the more beautiful the cars have become. Our next SUV will come from Hyundai because they also stand behind their products. Remember stay away from Mazda nothing but problems after the warranty is gone. Hope this review helps someone!

Average Rating : 4.5


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