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Love this little buggy! logo 6/10/2015 likesredcars

I did research ad-nausea and test drove several different small SUVs before I made the decision that this was the best car for me. Why? reviews, quiet ride, gas mileage, safety ratings, and the fact that I could actually see out the back. I liked the Nissan Rogue's cargo configuration, and the panoramic sunroof better, but not the lower ratings it received from several car review websites. I'm also not in love with the CRV transmission, or anything with a turbo. Any car with a manual stick-thing for parking brake was automatically eliminated. Cheap looking. My inner voice told me to buy a Subaru Outback, but I just couldn't love a station wagon. Just not sexy enough for this granny.

Favorite Feature : Cuteness, ride, comfortable seats. MPG - avg. about 28. Love the 19" tires and awesome wheels. It's really fun to drive. This is my first 4 cyl engine, and other than going up steep hills, it's ok. I plan to keep this car for a long time. Got the clear bra, and Luxcare to keep it pretty. No regrets. It's only money, after all. Oh, and the new car smell. That is worth something, no? Car dude who accompanied me on test drive said they weren't discounting these vehicles. I checked TruCar and found normal discount is only a couple hundred off MSRP. You will find discounts on cars that are hard to sell - not on this model.

Suggested Improvement : Speedometer numbers are rather small. Hard to read in daylight. Would appreciate a lift gate that had an automatic release from the driver's seat, and a close button on the hatch. I think it's silly that this car doesn't have remote start included. Navigation was all wonky - called dealer - didn't have fix. Did online search and found that you need to turn car OFF, take out sd card, put it back in slot, and restart car. All better. Nav is not great, even when it works. Cumbersome. Siri is much better, and faster for directions. Nav is best for displaying speed limit for your location, and showing red light cameras. I think the Bose speakers are great, especially with Pandora cranked up

Average Rating : 4.625


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