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LOVE THIS VAN logo 3/28/2015 Randy W

I bought this in 2008 from a dealer with 110K on it, its now 2015 and has 240KNO real issues. i am a satellite contractor and work out of this van. ladders, rough terrain. lots of equipment in it. I have driven this several times cross country. OK to NY back to OK, (26mpg) moved from OK to AZ towing a trailer, moved from AZ to NY towing a trailer, moved back to AZ..yes towing trailer, and since moved back to NYthis was awesome in snow thi past winter, and the 03 sport is the ONLY model w/o traction control.i have hauled HE washer dryer, fridge, gravel in it

Favorite Feature : mechanical..normal maintenance, brake pads 1-2 times a year. rotors twicewater pump (weep hole leaked wasnt failed yet preventative maintenance) oil changes...when i feel like ittranny fluid when i feel like itbattery every year(always still under warranty)strutt bearing plate replaced1/2 axle replacedthats it..i am terrible at following the maintenance schedule and it still runs EXCELLENTonly issue it now has is when REALLY cold..tranny wont engage for 20-30 mins 1st in am till its warmed up good..then its fine. but this van was sold out west also, not in the north

Suggested Improvement : i cant think of any. for the year it came out features were pretty standardI will buy another, just wish i could find an AWDi would like an 08 or newer, but so leary with the dramatic change and reviews i have i think i will keep it under 07, and either T&C or caravan...there the samebut this time..i will get the STX with more features

Average Rating : 4.75


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