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Love logo 3/4/2015 Vanessa Carpenter

I love my Hyundai Santa Fe I have had it for about 5 months so far and never have had a problem. I hesitated when buying because I didn't know much about them but I can say I am very glad I choose it. I know all cars have there ups and downs and there are good ones and bad ones. I have to say I got luck I purchased my 2002 with 123,000 miles on it and she has ran perfect for me. One thing I would like to give this car props on is the four wheel drive I go any where in the snow I live in Ohio.

Favorite Feature : Heated seats, four wheel drive, size, all of it

Suggested Improvement : Only thing I would suggest is the issue with the fuel cap. If it goes bad or you don't put it on right your engine light will come on. $5 fix for a new cap so nothing to panic about.

Average Rating : 5


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