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Love logo 8/5/2015 Taylor

**Update**I sold my Stratus Jan 2016, only because I needed an AWD SUV for constant trips over a snowy mountain pass. Still loved my Stratus and miss it from time to time!I also updated Acceleration to reflect "poor". This car had low HP, and accelerated very slowly - my only issue with it.*********************************************************************************************I love my Dodge Stratus. I have owned my stratus for 3 years now. Not that it really matters, but mine is white. I purchased it with 150k miles and have put 30.5k on it in my time driving it. It drives very smooth, and handles nicely. My interior is all black, only cloth, but still very nice. I am very particular about keeping it clean so mine is spotless. It always feels comfortable. The only issue I have with my stratus is that it accelerates slowly. Other than that, this car has been perfect for me. I do not look forward to the fact that mine has so many miles, I'm worried it'll start to go out soon. This worries me because I don't want to have to get another car, because I love mine!

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