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LOVED 2007; 2015 DISAPPOINTMENT logo 7/18/2015 Richard Grand

LOVED 2007 TOURING. Had 2 minor gripes: Passenger seat too close to dash; Proprietary run flat tires could only be repaired/replaced at Honda dealer. 2015 TOURING NOT SO MUCH. Ride way too stiff. Amplifies road noise. Front seats difficult to ingress/egress (~12" laterally from ground, hard to get into contoured seat). Ledge under door collects water/dirt which gets on clothes. Awkward steering wheel adjustment required for drivers of different size. Infotainment system not intuitive and way too complicated. One tone for all alerts is a safety problem (have to take eyes off road to determine cause). Nitpicking interior items include: no coin holder, front cup holders not convenient, no storage for headsets in second row. PLUSES: Rear view camera is great. Setting Navigation screen back into dash with cowl is a major improvement. CONCLUSION: Very disappointed. Will not keep this van for usual length of time

Average Rating : 2


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