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Loved. Bought. Now regret. logo 6/14/2016 John

I have a 2013 VT. If I knew then I would be financing a problem, I would have settled for some other hatch with decent MPG.1st, the car rattles and creaks like its not screwed, glued or assembled properly. Get used to it. The rear hatch rattle is MOST LIKELY the rear spoiler nuts coming loose. Put some locktite on them and it should work.2nd, be prepared to return the car MANY times for the factory stereo having issues. The paper speakers will tear, the dust cap (silver center) will come unglued, and the dealership will only glue it back together. Be ready for that. 3rd, expect the transmission to give you some times when it decides to do what it wants to do. Sometimes shift smoothly, sometimes shift abruptly. Dealership says its normal, and there's no issues.4th, A/C control switch has issues. Mine at about 12,000 miles would not work on #2. Fine on #1 and #3, but to get #2 to work you had to hold it in between #2 and #3 position. Had it changed twice before 50,000 miles.5th, My turbo went out at 64,500 miles. With cruise control set at 70mph on the interstate my turbo went out. Bearings started to make howling noises and the car had NO power. Took the car to a Hyundai dealer in Baton Rouge (on Hwy 61) and I was told "Its over-filled with oil, just drain a little, and it will be fine". Ha Ha Ha! Really? Took it to another dealership and they said the car has issues and they diagnosed it to be the turbo had a cracked shaft and bad bearings. Now, I am under 72,000 miles and the bearings are starting to make the noise again. Dont do 'regular' maintenance on this car. Do PREVENTATIVE maintenance as well. I doubt I will make it to 100k on this car. I was informed its because it is a 2013 and that it has been straightened out by Hyundai for the later years. Good thing this is my last Hyundai, I wouldnt want to spend the time and money to test that theory.*IF* this car had those issues above fixed, I'd say this car is worth each and every penny spent. It's quick, nimble, and a fun car to drive. Especially quick....FOR A HYUNDAI! I LOVE the sound system's audible performance. This is one of the best factory sound systems I have heard yet, better than the Bose in my Escalade.If you want one, buy used. I cant even trade this car in, they only offer HALF of what I owe. I've seen some '13s for under $10k. Do yourself a favor, buy used or get a different hatch.

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