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Loved mine, but giving up logo 8/11/2015 Dale

Rust. It eventually gets most old cars. I had engine problems also, and had oil leaks, that I had repaired. But now there is little to no oil pressure, and the solution is more expensive than the car. Other troubles I had were the ECU, brakes that "came loose" and needed repair more than once, and rust in the struts/under-carriage. Still, I loved the car. Drove nicely and gave me the sports car feeling, in a front wheel vehicle that went great in snow. Lots of room with the rear seats down, for cargo. Two seater for people, for sure, anyway. Mine was basic, with the 1.8L engine, no supercharger, and it was NOT quick, more like an economy car, but still VERY fun to drive. I loved my laser, but it's time to part with it.

Average Rating : 4


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