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Loved my Mustang! logo 7/3/2015 morganfaith

I owned an V6 automatic coupe version of this car and had an overall great experience with it! It was the first car that I could actually call my own since my parents bought it just for me (no more sharing cars!) when I went to college and I had it for almost 2 years. It only had about 83K when I got it and was still going strong at 102K when I sold it. The only maintenance it needed was an oil change every 3,000 miles.

Favorite Feature : No one believed that it was 98 and was 16 years old when friends and others would ask me how old it was. It was very durable too, I got rear-ended in it at a stop sign by a big Dodge truck and the front end of his truck was almost completely crushed while my bumper only had a few scratches but it was barely noticeable!Also the leather seats were super comfortable and still in great condition when I got in in 2013. Even though it was a coupe, it still felt very roomy with plenty of leg space for the people riding in the back seat, and a child's carseat fit just fine in it too!

Suggested Improvement : The main reason I had to get rid of it was because I am very short (5'1") and so I had to sit extremely close to the steering wheel to reach the pedals. The trunk was also very heavy to lift, and we had to replace the hinges on the doors because the weight of them had wore the hinges down over time. There were also spots on the exterior where the paint was peeled off but that's expected with an older car but it wasn't that noticeable. As with many RWD cars it was sometimes difficult to handle in the rain and the tires would sometimes slightly slide on the road but I was able to keep in in my lane for the most part.

Average Rating : 4.375


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