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Loved Our 2005 Escape So Much We Bought Another logo 8/13/2015 WNYFordGuy

I previously reviewed our '05 Escape XLS 2.3L 5M on 10/28/09, and provided an updated comment on8/13/2015. My wife and I loved the '05 so much, we wanted another, but didn't want a newer '13 or'14 model due to it being a brand new design - I wanted to stick with the tried-n-true previous design.So we ended up getting this AWD SUV, upgrading from the base '05 XLS to the top-of-the-line '12 Limited.Actually, I'd have preferred an XLT with the 2.5L 4-cyl, but my friend works at a local dealership,and he steered us to this model with the 3.0L V6. It evidently came off a 2-year lease - it only had11k miles on it. And (I think) since it was February - the middle of an awfully cold WNY winter - weended up getting it for a very good price. And it was sold as "Certified", so the only repair weneeded on it so far (replace right front brake pads due to uneven wear, machine rotors) was coveredunder the warranty. The SUV has been solid so far, but will likely need a new set of tires forthis winter, and it has developed a quirky, intermittent problem with the ventilation system.The A/C & heat works great (I've read forums where many owners experienced problems), but the fan speed,at times, can not be adjusted or controlled.Best Features: Powerful acceleration, very smooth ride & tranny, blind-spot mirrors, top-notch sound system.Wife loves the moonroof and handling in snow.Worst Features: Not a fan of the faux-chrome shiny plastic covering the Limited aluminum (?) wheels.Showing signs that the rear-wheel well rust issues that plagued earlier Escapes may still be aproblem. Gas mileage is only average (22.1 MPG long term); not the 24+ MPG we got consistently with the 2.3L 4 cyl '05 model. It makes me mad you can't get an AWD Escape anymore with a manual transmission.

Average Rating : 5


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