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Loved Our 2012 Camry SE Until... logo 7/8/2015 Mrs. Juli Turner

We loved our Toyota Camry SE 2012 until this year (2015) when I happened to loose my keyless entry fob. The cost is approximately $500.00 to replace the keyless entry fob including the laser cut blade that inserts into the fob. We checked with other dealerships in our state (Connecticut) and found the cost was about the same. I feel this is OUTRAGEOUS! We were never told about this exorbitant cost of the keyless entry fob replacement when we bought the car. Buyer beware! People often loose their car keys. If they have a keyless entry system, it will be about $500 every time they do. I hope to see some consumer backlash about this issue. We will NEVER buy a car with a keyless entry system again.UPDATE: Keyless entry is still stupid. We continue to love the car, but the navigation is terrible. The audio directions often come after the required change in the route. The front end is so low it frequently gets stuck on curbs. Other than these issues, the car is great.

Average Rating : 4


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