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Loved this car until one day... logo 8/13/2015 J. Chamberlain

Overall, this was a fun car to drive and own. I really enjoyed driving past the gas stations! Stylish and modern for an SUV.The fun ended after 11 months of owning the car. Finding parts to repair damage to the charge port = 6 weeks in the shop. Estimate for finding parts to repair passenger doors due to damage while parked at the mall 4 weeks. The transmission began slipping and things went downhill from there. Three trips to the dealer (must be a specific, qualified dealer by the way) and still no resolution. The dealer has been really nice through this but the transmission module does not exist anywhere in the world, apparently. It's been waiting on the transmission unit for 59 days (I chose to wait, hoping to get my car back fixed). The last 18 days a mystery unit has been "in transit" but did not appear at the dealer as promised 10 days ago and I have not been successful getting the dealer or the regional Ford CSM to locate it. Ford is currently working with me to resolve my situation and get me into another vehicle.It was a fun car, I felt really good driving something green that I actually liked. Loved the "Go Times" where I could program the car to have the interior at a certain temp by a certain time of the day. So on icy cold mornings hubby went to defrost his Prius while my C-Max purred silently melting the mess from mine. Obviously this feature hits your MPG rate pretty hard.It addressed my wish for a green SUV. I routinely saw 58-60 MPG electric/gas combined for my commute. The first 21 - 26 miles were electric. My weekend errands were 100% electric. :) In the winter, however, between driving conditions and the Go times I saw it drop to 38-40 MPG.It did lack some space due to the batteries and not having a spare felt almost "naked". Maybe redesign the hatch to be a door and mount the spare there? The electronics were annoying, even for a technology professional such as myself, and almost pointless. MyFord could do more to inform you. For instance, I ran the Vehicle Health Report because the engine light came on. It informed me to check the dash for a check engine icon... Wow, how helpful! Switching lanes on the highway was a bit rough but for the most part the ride was comfortable, next to no interior noise. The car rides low which was an issue for snow storms and mud season on my dirt road. It could use a little more height. But, it was easy to get into and out of front and back seats. Lumbar support was a nice feature that I appreciated. Ambient lighting was a nice touch that allowed me to customize the lighting to my mood. Love not having a gas cap. Having a charging outlet that is always on should be standard on all vehicles, not just this one!I hope Ford works the kinks out of this car and add a 4 wheel drive option. There is a market for fuel efficient SUVs, despite with some automakers believe. Making it 4 wheel as opposed to all wheel will give the driver the option of when they want to come out of fuel efficiency to improve driving. I was forced to shovel to the ground after every storm as snow tires and Low gear do not improve grip at all. I got stuck in my own driveway a couple times which was embarrassing to call for a tow truck to help get me out.

Average Rating : 4


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