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Lovin' the car! logo 5/25/2015 screamin8

This car was an unexpected replacement after my daily driver got totalled. I couldn't wait for an order so some compromises yet some pleasant surprises. I live in Ottawa Canada, and we get a full on Winter so I immediately dumped the Pirelli all seasons and put on Michellin X-ICE 3 winters. Combined with the snow setting on the traction control (which really works) this is an amazing winter driver. While many slag the car for it's weight it really helps with traction on snow and Ice. I got second 20" rims for summer with meaty Michellin Pilot Super Sports, helping to make up for no performance pack. Not to mention improving the visuals over factory. Standard brakes are outstanding.

Favorite Feature : Power is prodigious, linear and satisfying. . This V8 is a beautiful engine.. I had fogotten the joys of V8 driving, not to mention that for a winter driver (4 months), the engine heats up fast and pumps copious amounts of hot air into the cabin in short order. No four banger can equal the hot air comfort. I was initially iffy on the looks when I saw the artist renderings and early photos. But pictures don't do the car justice in my view. Be prepared for LOTS of attention and compliments The interior is very comfortable and nicely put together and I can honestly say I feel happiest when I'm behind the wheel. The stock seats in the Premium are very comfortable and well bolstered.

Suggested Improvement : My only quibble with the car is that given it's size, front storage is a bit miserly. A couple of extra storage compartments would be helpful. A comment on the back seats. Tight, yes. But their presence allows for a place to toss things not to mention with the fold down seats the car can haul some big things. I'm quite happy with them the way they are. If I wanted to haul people in the back I wouldn't have bought Mustang.

Average Rating : 5


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