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LOVING the Explorer Sport logo 6/15/2016 Ryan

We had a 2011 Explorer, and I'm very pleased to say that every little thing that annoyed me in the 2011 model has been totally addressed in the 2016. Real buttons for climate controls, remote start works from more than 10 feet away, and automatic climate control works much better, for example.I'm a "driver" and I enjoy a vehicle that can handle itself properly and isn't "lazy". The Sport checks all the boxes. I'm very pleased with the throttle response, which is typically terrible in an automatic transmission vehicle, but it is very good in the Sport, making the explorer feel very eager. The ecoboost engine really pulls nicely, especially from 40-80+ mph. Steering response is great, and the explorer stays nice and flat in the turns. Good solid road manners over uneven surfaces.The interior is very comfortable. I love the red stitching on the black leather, looks very sporty. Fit and finish is very good. I purposely bought our Explorer without the adaptive cruise control and collision warning system, because I hated those with a passion in the 2011 we owned. Literally HATED them. Ford has nailed it with the 2016 Explorer Sport. I only have one complaint. The driver's footrest is a little cramped. That's it. That is the ONLY thing I can think of to complain about. Its a really great vehicle.

Average Rating : 5


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