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Luxurious, somewhat fast, yet very problematic logo 9/8/2015 Thomas Skinner

When I initially saw this car, I was hooked by the twin turbo inline six that sat under the hood. I took it for a test drive and it was surprised at how quick it was, considering that it was a somewhat obese, front wheel drive luxury car. I needed a "reliable" car to drive on a daily basis (compared to the 40+ year old Datsun I had been driving) and I figured I would go with the S80. It had 160,000 miles on it, which shouldn't be too much right? Only a few days after bringing it home I noticed a whining noise from transmission... Great. Upon doing some research (which I should have done before buying the car) I found out that faulty transmissions are common for them. Although aside from that and the buggy electrical system, it's a pretty good car. It's extremely comfortable, the power steering it has makes turning a breeze, and it's a nice car to drive. However I wouldn't recommend this car to a friend.

Average Rating : 4


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