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Magnificent, but Dreadfully Boring logo 7/29/2015 Bob Sandon

I have put approximately 143,000 miles on this car. I bought it new. Oil changes with premium synthetic every 25,000 miles; otherwise, no service (except changing out tires). I've only had to replace the electric-system battery (pay someone to do this; it's a nightmare on your own). Pros: Reliability, obviously. There is also more storage space than many people realize, especially with the seats down. Two shepherds fit comfortably in the trunk; I've made several moves with this car. The mileage has been good, especially with Ecotopia tires. I live in Minnesota; I averaged around ~53 mpg during the summer with them. I have Toyos right now; year round mileage with them has been ~43 mpg, mostly highway driving. The car is comfortable and quiet at lower speeds. I like the sound system and have found the GPS adequate. The keyless entry is surprisingly nice; I wish it had remote start.Cons: While the car while tolerate higher speeds (65 mph +), it's obviously unenthusiastic. The mileage dips fairly dramatically in the winter, or with inefficient tires. For that matter, snow tires are well-nigh essential in Minnesota with this car. All-season will not hack it, especially in rural areas. Mostly, though, this car is boring. Really boring. Eye-wateringly so. A fantastic daily commuter, but - if you can only have one car in your stable - I'd have to recommend something else.

Average Rating : 4


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