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Maintenance is rough... but Lovely Look and Ride logo 7/28/2015 Heather

I purchased my Touareg used with just 50K miles. I was so impressed by the style, handling and features. I am short, 5' and I can see out of this SUV perfectly. I can get in and out and the seat adjusts wonderfully. It has nice appointments like a sun roof, leather seats, and rear heat and air. All of these bells and whistles; however, are costly to maintain and fix. Let's start with the smaller issues. The headlights frequently go out. They are $25 each and a major pain to install. As soon as I bought the car, it had to have a complete break job. $750. Some more major issues have included the radiator caps breaking and causing leaks and the transmission fluid lines breaking. The most major repair was the Drivetrain which went out at 65K. Had I not had the extended warranty it would have cost between $2,500-$3,000 to fix. Overall I love Volkswagens, and I love this car. My suggestion would be to buy with a warranty. Be aware that the maintenance costs are in line with any premium brand - Audi, Mercedes, BMW.

Average Rating : 3


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