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Manufacturer and dealership are a joke! logo 8/11/2015

I had this car in the shop within the first 4000 miles with rough shifting. Something was done with the PCM and TCM controlls. Have since had it in there 3 additional times for the same issue, one was a warranty recall for the same as listed above, TCM/PCM. One time when I called to bring it in, I was asked if any type of service lights were on. When I told them no, I was told that the car is computerized so if no loght ia on, they couldn't do anything about it. I was adamant and finally got an appointment. I have had a service advisor and service manager (different times) ride along with me. Both acknowledged the rough shifting. However, when I got my car back they told me they "checked the codes" and nothing came up. So they wanted me to come get my car. I paused after failed attempts to get my documentation only to finally getc it and it said "unable to duplicate the concern." I called back and requested the documentation from the times the service advisor and service manager did their different rid along with me. What do I get? "Rode along and unable to duplicate the concern." Both times they acknowledged my conce but documented otherwise. I have an open case with Diamler Chrysler and that is a joke as well. The case manager is no more interested in helping than the dealership. Not only am I having trouble with the rough shifting which I believe is the transmission I just had to have the struts replaced as my car started making a rattling noise withing the first 6 months of having it. This last effort to get my car fixed, I was told it is a computerized car and it will function the way that I drive it. Absolutley waste of my money and time! I have told everyone I can that this company and car is a joke!!

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