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MAP UPDATES @ $149 each year - DARK rear WINDOWS logo 8/5/2015 Tom K.

MAP UPDATES will cost you $149 EACH YEAR plus taxes and fees. They don't tell you that when you buy the car. What a rip-off. What's worse is that you can only get firmware updates IF you buy the map updates - no other way. This cost is never mentioned by the salespeople nor does it appear on the website or in the sales brochure.Reality check - You can buy a Garmin hand held GPS with lifetime maps and live traffic updates for less than the cost of an annual update on your Chrysler T&C.----------------WINDOW DESIGN FLAW - Here's another thing I HATE. The WINDOWS on the 2nd and 3rd row as well as on the tailgate are very DARK. It's noticeable in the daylight but not a real problem. However, at NIGHT - visibility is absolutely awful - you can barely see through the dark glass except in very well lit areas. The engineers who design these cars should be forced to drive prototypes under dark conditions before manufacturing and releasing them for sale to the public. Our two previous minivans - A Chevrolet VENTURE and UPLANDER both had tinted windows but they were perfectly fine at night - the Chrysler is not.

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