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Maxed Out logo 8/23/2015 Lisa Brooks

I brought my 2004 Nissan Maxima SL at Motor City Auto Brokers in Waukegan, IL. When I first got the car I was in love with it. The gps, the put in radio with auxiliary, the pretty neon blue headlights, but after a few months my car started acting crazy. The steering wheel shakes, the brakes went bad, power steering is messed up, tires was messed up, parts of the car was broken. It was just maxed out. If you buy this car please get it checked out throughly before taking it off the lot. Keep up the maintenance. We had to take it to the shop and found out my car had many problems yet it drove like nothing was wrong. Not even a light came on. I would not even buy another car from Motor City Auto Brokers. Anyhow I'm just sad that my car is maxed out lol I am planning on upgrading to the 2010 maxima. Lord willing.

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