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Mazda 6 Sport 6-spd manual logo 3/8/2015 marvandam

I was down to the 2 sportiest and reliable sedans- Accord vs Mazda6. I wanted a manual and unfortunately the Accord Sport only comes in gray and black. I saw the Soul Red 6 and fell in love. The Accord had a more spacious cabin- the 6 has more dramatic style which cuts out space- but I'll deal with it- rather stand out on the road and not be another suburban middle-aged man driving an Accord or Camry (no offense). It drives like a sports sedan- lots of fun. Manual shifter is amazing and excellent MPG's. Engine has a nice tone to it- more of a growl than a typical 4 cylinder engine. The ride is firmer- but I love it because it handles better- that's the trade-off.

Favorite Feature : Gorgeous car- I love driving it. Smooth, smooth shifter feels like a more expensive car. Handling is great and MPG's are awesome. Love it.

Suggested Improvement : Visibility on driver's side could be better- the B pillar is big- but I adjusted my side mirror accordingly. People complain about noise- but I think it's comparable to other sedans I test drove.

Average Rating : 4.625


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