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Mazda cx-9 Grand Touring awd logo 8/19/2015 Donna G

I love the vehicle and the mazda line of cars. The problem I am having is that I dont put a lot of miles on the suv and things are happening, things that I never heard of before in my life owning other vehicles, like; the heat shield bolts rusted off and Mazda had to put bolts back in to secure the heat shield $50.00 for 15 minutes. I think it should of been under warranty. I only had 30,000 miles on it. Then Sunday out and about my husband says something is wrong with the braks going to the floor. Today I take to service station and they tell me its the power booster unit. I call mazda and they say its under the extended warranty and it will be towed to the dealership from the garage. I only have 31,000 mile on it now. Then in the newspaper there is a recall on the suspension they can rust and come loose. when they had my car up on a rack they were showing me where my bolts rusted on the heat shield, they was a lot of rusted parts under my car!!! What else is going to go bad on my Mazda cx-9 Grand touring that I like a lot but might have to think about trading it in!!!

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