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Mazda is on to something here logo 3/30/2015 sportyrides

My new vehicle criteria: No CVT, preferably no turbo, good handling, comfortable and pretty quiet. I held off on a 2015 after hearing about the 2016 changes. While the 2015 was (and is) a great vehicle, the 2016 is quieter and handles choppy pavement better. Even with the larger GT wheels. The infotainment is great so far.This CX-5 replaces a Miata, and I don't think any SUV/CUV comes closer to capturing that spirit. OK, the Macan would...I cross shopped against RAV4, X1, Forester, and Mazda3 hatch. RAV4 is good, but "meh" ride/handling; Forester a bit better. X1 was great, but didn't love interior or owning a turbo. 3 hatch too small, not as nice inside, otherwise good+

Favorite Feature : - Surprisingly peppy, 2.5L is more than adequate- Great automatic?! (I just hit myself for typing that, but it's excellent so far)- Comfortable seats- The wheels. Those wheels!- Great tech. (The additional tech package seems unnecessary.)- Tight steering, really does drive well- Interior room is plenty, though I think RAV4 (subjectively at least) won here- The stereo is great. Not "great for a Mazda" but actually really sounds good. Finally, Mazda!

Suggested Improvement : - I don't love electric parking brakes, and the 2016 has one- The key fob doesn't have remote liftgate release- Small-ish fuel tank- Make Lanewatch a standalone option! Being packaged with Smart City Brake and Nav steered me away from it. I would have added it on if it were standalone.- The steering wheel material feels a bit odd/cheap compared to Miata. I'm picking nits and walking away from the computer now.

Average Rating : 5


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