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Mazda Tribute at its finest logo 9/8/2015 E. ELLISON

I had my Mazda Tribute Lx V6 2002 for 14 years. I do my own maintenance on it. I change my motor oil every 5000 miles. I use a high capacity oil and gas filter and I use synthetic or high mileage 5w-20. I change my belts and replace my spark plugs. I replace the manifold gaskets. I like my cars because I bring the 24v V6 200Hp to bear against peole who underestimate its power. Every 6 to 8 years, the alternator goes out. I just replace it and go on with it. The truth is that all cars have issues. Some issues are caused by the owner's igorance of components of the car and mechanics not tightening components.

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