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MazdaGirl3 logo 9/12/2015 curlygal3

I have now owned three Mazda. I owned a 1989 Mazda Protege, 2002 Mazda Protege that I loved until I was rear ended on the interstate by someone texting and driving at 75 miles an hour and now my 2007 Mazda 3. Out of the 3 cars my 2007 is the worst. Sadly, I have buyers remorse. My biggest complaint is visibility. I'm short at 5 feet tall and the A pillars in front cut off my visual field which can be dangerous. The pillars in the back are also terrible. Changing lanes in this car for me is awful and scary. It wasn't like that in my 1989 and 2002 Proteges. The side mirrors are in the worst position. Now maybe if you are a guy who is 6 feet tall you may not have these complaints. If you are a short driver this may not be a car for you. It sure isn't for me. I am getting ready to trade this car in finally. On a positive spin, I did recently test drive the 2016 Mazda 3 and pleasantly surprised! They have improved visibility with the A pillars. One thing I wish car sales people would do, please allow the buyer to change lanes and really test the car. Going around the block isn't a test drive! If I had known the visibility issues, I would not have purchased a 2007 car. My 1989 and 2002 Protege, I had for years and frankly loved them.

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