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Me & My Elantra logo 7/14/2015 Daniel J. Andrews

I have put less than 25K miles on this car (which replaced a 2004 Sonata which was a great car!) since I bought it in Nov., 2012. But I am currently on what will be about a 2,500 to 3,000 mile road trip over a period of 12 days from Fla. to GA. to MI. to PA. and back to Fla. I have completed nearly 1,200 miles over the last few days. This is, without doubt, one of the best cars I have ever owned during my 74 years of life on this planet, including Fords, Mercurys, Oldsmobiles, Dodges, Plymouths and Chryslers! I loaded up my MP-3 player; selected a number of CDs I had not listened to in years; and confirmed that the XMRadio subscription was paid up; so I was good to go. What I did not expect was the +/- 40 MPG that I am realizing on the interstates at speeds averaging 70-75 MPH. I was also concerned that these old bones would not be able to withstand hours of driving, but that is no longer a concern as the seats are so adjustable and comfortable that I only need worry about my own "bony butt" in that regard. Spent nearly 13 hours on the road on Monday, July 12 and was none the worse for wear. Also had some serious rain around Knoxville and my Elantra performed beautifully under very adverse circumstances. All in all, I could ask for nothing better. There I only enough "technology" in the base vehicle that it is a help, rather than a hindrance as I must admit that I am technologically deficient. But for getting me from 25here to there, this is one of the best rides I have ever had!

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