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Mechanically good car, but with poor electronics logo 4/5/2017 Charles Nordstrom

This is my second Subaru Forester. I traded my 2008 Forester with only 48,000 for this 2016 Forester as my retirement car. Bought the overpriced extended warranty so could travel without worries about repairs. The car performs as expected with adequate, but not great mpg. The interior is comfortable and well appointed with quality materials. However, the Starlink system has many flaws. It sometimes seems to have a nervous breakdown and needs to be rebooted by shutting down the car. As for the navigation system, if there were a way to get my money back on this, I would. Don't bother buying it. Your smartphone is better. I checked with Subaru about map updates and was repeatedly promised there would be some. Two years later and it is clear that Subaru has abandoned it's 2016 buyers. Shame on you! About 3 months ago, went to drive my car out of the garage only to find that my steering was locked up. What is scary is that the wheel was absolutely locked. I would hate to think if this happened at speed. Anyway, called Subaru for a tow to nearest Subaru garage. Since I have the super duper warranty, I have built in loaner/rental car if my Subaru can't be fixed. Naturally, I expected to have a car provided. However, the dealer's representative said they were not allowed to authorize a rental/loaner car until they knew if the repair would take more than a day. Since it was a Saturday, they had no mechanics on duty to evaluate the car so I would have to wait until Monday to find out if I was entitled to a rental/loaner. Hello! It was obviously going to take more than a day for my car to be repaired regardless of what the mechanic would eventually say. On the following Monday, mid-day, I called the garage. After some hemming and hawing, they finally conceded that I was going to be without a car for more than a day. Again, Hello! So, by mid-afternoon I was finally in my rental. It took until late Wednesday to have the car repaired. Was told I have electric steering and something went wrong in the steering box. Dealer said they'd never seen this before. Fortunately, the very expensive repair was covered under my super duper warranty. As part of my purchase arrangement, I was to receive 1 year of free Starlink service. At the time of purchase, I was told it was not yet operational so don't activate it until 6 months later. In January of 2016 I activated it only to find I had 6 months left of service, not a year as promised. Apparently, the service was operational at the time of my purchase but the saleswoman misinformed me. I let it expire, but recently tried to renew if for a whopping $149/year. Unfortunately, the Starlink website is down and repeated attempts to access it have failed so I give up. While the car is, overall, a mechanically great vehicle, even despite the frightening steering flaw, the Subaru company is less desirable to work with. Not sure if I will buy another one because a car is such a huge investment that you need good support as well as a good car and Subaru corporation drops the ball big time in that department in my opinion.

Average Rating : 4


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