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Mediocre at best, very uncomfrotable logo 4/12/2015 ryanasl

This car is average in every category except for comfort, where it gets a resounding 1 out of 5 in my book. The back seats have headrests that angle forward, making about a 140-150 degree angle with the seatback. Additionally, they're about as receptive to human heads as frying pans and are not adjustable. One would think back seat comfort would be important in a car where buyers will almost definitely be buying the vehicle specifically for the purpose of having comfortable back seats, but alas, Chryster disagrees. Again, the rest of the car is exactly what you'd expect for the price and make: ok MPG, ok outward and inward appearance, ok sound system. Below average shock absorption as well.

Favorite Feature : Eco feature, ability to turn off high-voltage charging to save gas, stylish analog clock on dash

Suggested Improvement : In the name of all that is holy, switch out the frying pan headrests for something that could even be mildly considered a responsible resting place for our most important body parts. Honestly, I would suggest firing everyone who was involved in designing this van for scrapping all of the affordable fixes that could have been enjoyed in a low price vehicle in exchange for superfluous features like outlets that are now standard in higher-end vehicles. In other words, don't be so busy pretending to be high-end that you forget to make a good van.

Average Rating : 2.625


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