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Mega Sexy logo 8/13/2015 David

I bought this truck for it's roomy interior. At 8 ft inside it is incredible. Brakes are great, in the snow it is awesome in 4 wheel drive with standard tires. I bought the truck with 111,000 miles, it is now at 149,000 and I still love it. At 55 or 60 I can get 18.7 mpg but around town at less than 2 miles to work I average 11.3 at the most. I recently purchased a 3,000 pound 5th wheel and the truck actually rides smoother with the trailer in tow. I love the ride height, my cousins Chevy with 36" tires only rides 4 inches higher than my truck at the cab top with 265 stock tires on mine.

Average Rating : 4


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