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Might as well just flush all your money down the toilet logo 6/4/2015 hawkeye25

To be fair, I have heard people say that they've gotten nearly 300k with few problems, but that was not my experience. I bought mine with 105,000, thinking it would be good for a few years. Not long after the transmission failed. When I called the transmission shop asking about my Taurus, the mechanic said, "Which one, I have seven here," so I'm guessing this happens often. In the two years I've owned it it's been in the shop at least once a month. I've spent over twice the purchase price in repairs. I would caution you not to buy this car. A Honda or Toyota with twice the mileage is still a better buy.

Favorite Feature : Comfortable (which is good cause you'll be sitting in it alot waiting for tow trucks)lots of trunk space, no-brainer layout. The bench seat in the front is great.

Suggested Improvement : Needs a more reliable transmission. Parts are generally low quality and do not last long. Headlights are very dim and difficult to see out of.

Average Rating : 2.625


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