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Mile per gallon not like Nissan stated 26/33 MPG logo 6/15/2015 levin2015

Bought Nissan 2015, model S in March2015, mileage 5,500. My girlfriend drove it from Freno, CA to Santa Ana CA costed the whole fuel tank with 250miles (to red mark) and car stated 20 miles to run out the fuel completely. I tested it 24.8 MPG on freeway. As advertising on Nissan website stated 26/33 MPG. We had dealer technicians tested twice came out with 26.2 MPG on freeway ONLY. Would anyone may share the experiences with the reality for cars and SUVs when most the manufacturers stated those figures, how exactly come along? Nissan's representative said that Nissan didn't put out those MPG figures. Those came from the department of environment bla blah blah...

Favorite Feature : Exterior design is good.

Suggested Improvement : Driver seat is not comfortable at all.

Average Rating : 2.625


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