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Mileage champ logo 7/18/2015 Jack

Car has GDI engine, I bought new, now have 56k miles. Outstanding gas mileage. Best highway mileage was with just me in the car, barely any luggage and a fall day, keeping it on flat ground thru the Midwest for 400 miles at between 65 and 70 mph I got 41 mpg, and this was dividing number of gallons by miles driven. Computer is always optimistic - usually 2 mpg higher than what it really is when checking the math. Car gets around 26-27 mpg city, with the family in the car and going 70 on the freeway expect 36-38 mpg.Decent power with the 2.4 engine. I run full synthetic oil all the time and BG fuel and oil cleaners regularly. Standard radio is the only downfall. It is weak. Road noise is also a minor irritation. Comfort of a/c and heater are good. Absolutely no mechical issues to date. Battery lasted 3 year, Hankook tires were replaced after 55k miles, - they could have gone 60k though but we're getting real noisy.Replaced tires with contenitial dws06 tires. They are about the same as the original hankooks which I think we're real good tires.Car goes good in the snow, but as tires wear you loose traction on incline and experience spin. Car handle real well in the wet weather. Lots of room and cargo space for family of 4. Well put together car, but depreciates quickly. Get a used one as there is no difference between the 2011 thru 2014.

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