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Mine is the 2.0 logo 3/25/2015 petalmasher

Not sure why anyone would get the lower trim levels. For someone who wants the best bang for the buck dependably hauling kids, car seats, daiper bags and luggage across the state for a family vacation, the Forester, Rav 4 and CRV are the obvious choices. An Escape will do the job but it will be a bit more cramped and cost a little more. If you also want a combination of handling, power, interior materials, and tech options generally only available in a luxury brand without paying $10k for a hood badge, a loaded Escape is a a good option.

Favorite Feature : Great acceleration (2.0 echo-boost) & handling.The Sony stereo upgrade is really goodavailable heated seats, smart key, phone integration.The kick activated lift gate turned out to be more useful than I expected

Suggested Improvement : Wile the suspension does great smoothing out the small pavement imperfections, larger bumps can be a bit jarring (the price you pay for such good handling)I think a little more attention to detail would help the quality of the vehicle. There are spots on the floor that I only see while I'm vacuuming under the dash board that the carpet doesn't cover, and some of the interior panels buzz and rattle against each other when the road vibrations and stereo resonate at the right frequency. On longer rides my ankle gets uncomfortable due to a lack of place to rest my right foot. the accelerator is too light to hold my foot up.

Average Rating : 4.125


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