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MINI is a big LEMON logo 7/25/2015 David Ginsburg

You could buy a MINI...or you could throw a pile of cash into a burning dumpster and get the same value. I have a 2011 MINI S, with 63k miles. Car is CONSTANTLY in need of repair. To date, I've replaced the ignition coils and spark plugs three times apiece--THREE TIMES!-- plus hoses, a water pump, drive wheel, fly wheel, water pump pulley, and the AC compressor. Now, the radio is fried and the replacement is $1,000.00 installed. It's hugely expensive and frustrating, and I would NEVER buy another MINI. I've spoke with the customer relations team several times, and although they are very nice and do their best to placate customers, that's all they do--placate you. There is never an actual solution provided. I'm hoping a class-action suit is filed against MINI soon, because I believe they are defrauding consumers with poorly-built cars and hiding the true costs of ownership. This is the worst ownership experience I've had in 25+ years of driving.

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