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Minivan Convert logo 7/14/2015 Novanmom

After almost 5 years of owning a minivan (which we loved), our family has happily returned to an SUV. I thought I'd miss the creature comforts of a minivan, such as its sliding doors and the full 3 rows. But, I'm enjoying the driving experience in our new 2015 QX60 far more. This crossover is functional, has a plethora of safety equipment and gives you at least a taste of the Infiniti driving experience (we have a 96 I 30 that still runs like very well).The interior is very functional, but practical and is pretty intuitive. Despite the clamping about the CVT transmission, ours has been pretty smooth so far. I LOVE all of the safety features and technology and I am already spoiled to the multi view cameras. All in all, I am pleased with the vehicle. It offers good quality for the cost and my minivan is slowly but surely becoming a find but distant memory. My line gripe is gas mileage. The QX69 is a bit thirstier than the Odyssey.

Average Rating : 5


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