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Miss my Chreokee logo 8/8/2015 Marc Bruno

All in all, this is not a bad vehicle, but I've had some problems. I bought it used, so I can't say that I can fully judge the vehicle, that said, I had the transmission rebuilt at great time and expense. It seems the gear box was cracked, and Chrysler had only one replacement in the US, for a two week period. I had to get the computer re flashed last year, at significant expense, only to find that it would be recalled a year later. I read about the problem, and spoke to the service manager at the dealership when I had my problem. but he assured me that wasn't the problem with my Jeep. My radio, and navigation system stopped working some time ago, and replacement is too costly. As far as mileage, It's a good size SUV. It has punch, and I like it on the highway. It rides well, and It's fairly comfortable for a Jeep. Not a bad ride, but I miss my Jeep Cherokee.

Average Rating : 3


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