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Mistake logo 8/27/2015 Fred Tuttle

Purchased new. Underpowered, yet relatively poor mileage (16 city, 24 highway), has always consumed an excessive amount of oil (about 0.1 qt per 100 miles), and a turn radius that once got caused a traffic stop for suspicion of DUI. Besides ordinary and expected service: A/C fan controller failed at 35 K, again at 70 K and again at 100 K; A/C evaporator core at 80 K; cam shaft sensor at 66 K, followed by a cylinder head at 80 K; passenger seat airbag sensor failed at 70 K; transmission failed at 90 K; and weirdly, three of four in the initial set of tire went flat within first 25 K, with no further problems after they were replaced. Approximate excess repair cost to date: $15 K. Total cost to purchase and operate to 100K: $0.47 per mile plus insurance/interest. Bottom line: nice styling, reasonably roomy and comfortable, but better, cheaper options were available.

Average Rating : 2


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