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mkz for 22 days, miss it logo 8/30/2015 Charles

I rented MKZ 2.0 for 22 days straight, drove it from LA to vegas and back, then LA to Yosemite, on to santa cruz and back to LA along the pacific coast highway, put on about 2300 miles. When I first got it, I was not too impressed, but as time went on I liked it more and more. I have a high end Lexus at home, so I was spoiled and hard to please, but now I miss the MKZ. I will exchange my Lexus for the MKZ. I was amazed that I was using regular gas and I was getting plenty of power and 32 miles on the highway with 3 people and plenty of heavy stuff in the trunk. I opened the hood, but without taking the motor cover it was not possible to figure out how many cylinder the MKZ had. I liked this car a lot, I liked the handling better than the Lexus I have, the technology, the backup camera etc were great. The driver window would only move up a little and stop, so I had to push the button several times to open or close it. I could not tell if it was malfunctioning, or if it was custom programmed inadvertently by myself, there was no manual in the glove compartment, I guess because it was rental.

Average Rating : 5


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