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MKZ hybrid caveat emptor logo 9/7/2015 Keith Paul

EPA MPG on sticker when new, was incorrect. Lincoln finally admitted to this error under government order and I got a free pair of sunglasses. I have never gotten more than 35.5 overall average mpg. Sticker originally said 48 mpg. I have had five recalls in two years. Now with less than 30,000 miles I have recently experienced, on two occasions, on 2 occasions, an involuntary transmission shift from drive to reverse when stopped. I have researched this to see if anybody else has had a problem or has noticed this but I have been unable to find this same issue. Scary! Thankfully, I have another vehicle, have stopped driving the Lincoln and will be taking the Lincoln back to the dealer this week.The drivers side has a terrible blind spot due to structural post size and placement.. On screen LCD touch controls for just about everything from entertainment to climate, can be just a little bit distracting unless you learn the very specific commands for voice control which doesn't always respond to your request. On the positive side, the car is quite roomy for all, front and back. Including this 6 foot owner/primary driver. It looks great and the white pearl paint is very catchy.

Average Rating : 3


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