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Modern Multifunction logo 7/8/2016 Randy

I had narrowed my purchase options down to 4 door 4 wd compact trucks; Tacoma, Colorado and Ridgeline. the first Ridgeline I was able to drive was the Black Edition. I was always leaning toward a Tacoma but I test drove the Tacoma, Colorado and Ridgeline back to back. Unfortunately the Tacoma engine- transmission gearing feels wrong, on the highway with the cruise control on the Tacoma had to downshift and was screaming to maintain 70 mph up a small hill. The Ridgeline in contrast feels smooth, refined, powerful, the engine is not screaming to maintain 70 mph up a small hill on the highway. The Colorado actually finished in second place in my new truck list, it feels smaller inside. I choose the Ridgeline; Honda reliability, gas mileage, handling & ride. I wasn't sure I was going to like the way it looked from the official photos but when I saw the BE I loved the modern new truck look. This Ridgeline combines the functionality of and takes the place of my Subaru Forester and my old 93 2wd Toyota truck. In my first 500 miles I turned the Econ mode on and got 27 mpg with the adaptive cruise control set at 70 mph. When I switched Econ off and drive normal combined city highway at speeds exceeding 75 mph I still got 24 mpg. I can live with that mpg. The interior feels large and refined, mine has lots of leather, and more technological bells and whistles than I need, Adaptive cruise control, keyless entry, push button start, Apple car-play, rear camera, blind spot warning, cross traffic monitor, lane departure warning-correction, emergency front collision avoidance braking, sunroof, power rear slider, power everything, 540 watt stereo, three zone climate control with rear vents, Led lights everyplace, multiple usb ports, and the best party trick is the truck bed audio system. The Ridgeline Black edition feels like; a luxury car, a sports car, a big suv, and a truck all rolled into one. I don't plan to go off roading I plan to take long trips, tailgate, fill the back seat with grandkids, and occasionally haul a full sheet of plywood or a load of mulch. It's early, but I love it!

Average Rating : 5


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